Real Estate Door Hangers – How to Get More Leads With Front Door Hangers

Joshua Smith, voted the 30th top realtor in the country by the Wall Street Journal in 2013, started out listing 7-15 homes a month from placing 10,000 door hangers in his farm area. The technique was so successful for him that he ended up closing 463 listings worth $49 million in one year.

We can’t promise you’ll get the same results as Joshua, but we can give you all the tools you need to buy, use, and get more leads from real estate door hangers. The fastest way to get started is to order here.


Door Hangers vs Direct Mail/EDDM

While direct mail is still a great way to get leads in your farm area, real estate door hangers have several advantages:

  • Visibility – While a postcard in a stack of bills is very easy to ignore, a piece of paper hanging from your doorknob is not. If they want to get in their house they will have to at least look at it.
  • Novelty –  Many people are so used to receiving marketing materials in the mail that they instinctively don’t even read them before throwing them away. Since door hangers are more rare, people might at least read them quickly instead of throwing them straight in the garbage.
  • Flexibility – With direct mail or EDDM, you have many limitations on the size, shape, and content of what you can send. You can sender larger or oddly shaped materials to your farm area, but you’ll double your distribution costs. With door hangers, there are almost no restrictions at all. You can staple business cards to them, include bags with fridge magnets or pamphlets, all while keeping your distribution costs the same.
  • Pricing – While your printing costs will be roughly the same, door hangers are sometimes actually cheaper to distribute than direct mail. Most companies will charge you around 15 cents per door hanger for distribution. Amazingly, that cost remains the same even if you include pamphlets or bags with magnets etc.